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Planning How to Spend Vacations This Year? Here Are the Best Options

Do you plan how to spend vacations in advance? or Is it a last-minute decision?

Nearly 88% of parents across the United States have reported a desire to travel this year, as reported by the Travel Agent Central. With breaks around the corner and summer not too far off, those seeking to fulfill their thirst for travel can do just that. While the pandemic is not yet over, during the past two years we have learned a lot regarding the best measures to stay safe, and the importance of vaccinations. Hence, while earlier the idea of traveling may have met with resistance, now it is a perfectly good option to explore.

To help you plan out your exploration, Happy Travel & Vacation presents the following travel options for having a fun-filled family vacation on your next break.

planning how to spend vacations


One of the advantages vaccinated individuals currently hold is the option to travel abroad. Additionally, as traveling internationally involves being on long flights with a large group of people and using public transportation in a foreign country, being vaccinated can provide you and your family extra protection and a sense of security.

When looking for destinations, it’s important to thoroughly research their domestic COVID situation and travel policies. While countries across Europe have strict entry rules, island nations have had the most travel-friendly policies throughout the pandemic. As reported by Travel and Leisure, the best options include:

  • Saba
  • Antigua
  • Bonaire
  • Grenada
planning how to spend vacations
Bar Harbor


If traveling internationally seems far-fetched for you at this point, there are plenty of amazing places to visit domestically. When traveling domestically either through trains, buses, or flights, there is no requirement to be vaccinated, making planning easier. However, as it increases the risk of falling sick, you can choose to travel in your private vehicle.

To ensure your vacation provides you the relaxation you deserve, opt to visit lesser-known vacation spots which are free from crowds but full of natural beauty and breath-taking sights. These include:

  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Lake Tahoe, California
  • Moab, Utah
  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Whether you choose to travel internationally or domestically, remember to carry the following essentials with you at all times:

  • Travel adapter to ensure a hassle-free charging experience regardless of location.
  • Portable mobile charger, which is a lifesaver during emergencies and long travels.
  • Smartwatch with GPS tracking for your kids, enabling you to always stay on top of their movements.
  • Water purifier bottles, ensuring you always have access to clean and healthy water.
watching movies

While venturing abroad or across state lines may seem like a great plan for some, others might choose to spend the holidays in the comfort of their home. If you’re one of those that do, you’ve made a great choice as you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday which is completely under your control. Here are a few fun activities involving the full family:

Daily Movie Premieres: When you can’t get away, you can always look for options to keep the evenings interesting like having a movie night. Make a list of movies each member of the family is looking forward to watching, and spend your nights together watching quality entertainment. With the rise in popularity of online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, many movies premiere on these platforms even before theatres, providing you the chance to see them before anyone else. If you’re having difficulty finding something to watch, use websites like Instantwatcher that allow you to easily sort through all of the offerings by date and genre.

Plan Game Nights: If you’re looking for a more active option, having a game night is a great choice. Depending on your child’s age choose an appropriate board or card game such as Monopoly, Chess, Battleship, Wildcraft, Scrabble, etc. Similarly, if your child is fond of video games, seek to join them. Various games are experienced best when played with a partner, such as Mario Kart, Fortnite, Rocket League, etc. If possible, you could bring out one of your classic games as well and dive into a bit of nostalgia. If you wanted to take it to another level, you could stream your game nights on Twitch for the world to see.

Host a Party: There is no better time to connect with friends and family than holidays. Pick a day with nice weather and arrange an outdoor party on your lawn. You can organize a potluck, set up lawn games, and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Whatever you do with your vacation time, make a point to fully unplug, particularly from work. The goal of a vacation is to recharge your batteries. You can’t do that if you’re answering emails and taking calls. So sign off fully for the week, and allow yourself to be fully present with your family so everyone can have a fun time.

There are various options at your disposal to have a fulfilling time with your family. Plan early and take all necessary safety precautions to stay safe at all times. If you need help figuring out where to spend your next vacation, explore Happy Travel & Vacation for some great ideas!

Always plan how to spend vacations every year for yourself!

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