Coleman Camp Soap Sheets, Travel Soap Sheets – 50 count



Coleman Camp Soap Sheets include 50 travel soap sheets, that are lightweight and easy to carry in your travel or camping gear. Remove the camp soap biodegradable soap sheet with dry hands, each sheet dissolves instantly to produce a soapy lather by just adding water. These soap sheets work in hot or cold water. Is ideal whether you’re backpacking for a couple of days, traveling on the go, or convenient to have in your glove box, camping accessories, or camping gear.
1 package of 50 Coleman Camp Soap Sheets, travel soap sheets
Camp soap biodegradable soap sheets in a small plastic compact container to easily carry with your camping gear or camping accessories

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Two Soap Sheets

Coleman Dish and Hands Camp Soap – 50 Travel Soap Sheets

Lightweight and compact for clean hands and more without the weight or mess of liquid or bar soap. Remove the needed soap sheets with dry hands, then add water. Each sheet dissolves quickly. All 50 soap sheets are stored in a hard-plastic flip-top case that fits in pockets, packs or purses.

Two Soap Sheets

2 Soap Sheets

Coleman Camp Soap Sheets for Dishes and Hands, 50 sheets - Mini Travel Soap Sheets

50 hand soap sheets

Travel soap sheets container

Travel Hand Soap Sheets

Add water to dissolve soap sheet

Weighs less than 1oz