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Protect your trip and enjoy peace of mind!

How can you protect your trip while being at ease? People plan their vacations so far in advance that unforeseen events such as crises may force people to cancel their trips. It is important to get travel insurance for a number of reasons, including the fact that it offers financial security as well as mental ease while you are away from home.

When shopping for travel insurance, it is very necessary to give the policy details a thorough reading in order to have an understanding of what is covered and what is not covered. Because various insurance might have varying coverage limitations, exclusions, and restrictions, you should select the one that caters to your specific travel goals and circumstances the most effectively.

This article will provide an introduction to AXA Travel Insurance as well as a quick description of the services that they provide to travelers.

Cancellation of the Trip

If your trip is canceled for a cause that is covered by the policy, AXA Travel Insurance reimburses you for any prepaid and non-refundable travel and lodging expenditures.

Interruptions to the Trip

AXA reimburses you for the amount of your vacation that is non-refundable as well as any higher transportation costs that you incurred as a result of a covered cause for your travel back home.

Missed Connection

AXA Travel Insurance reimburses you for the non-refundable component of your trip as well as the higher transportation costs you incurred in order to join your trip if it was cancelled or delayed for three hours or more as a result of the actions of a common carrier.

Delay in Travel

AXA reimburses you for reasonable expenditures paid in the event that you are delayed due to a reason that is covered under the policy.

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Evacuation in the Event of a Medical Emergency

AXA provides coverage for any medically required transportation to the closest appropriate facility, transportation and escort to return you home, as well as a companion to accompany you if you are traveling alone and will be hospitalized for more than seven days.

Return of the Body or Its Remains

It sounds just horrible. When you go on vacation, the last thing you anticipate is for something like this to occur. A tragedy takes place. The transportation of the deceased person’s body from the other country may easily cost five figures. AXA Travel Insurance offers protection for the cost of transporting your deceased loved one’s remains to your home abode.

Emergency Evacuation Due to Catastrophe

Due to the Catastrophe, if there is an Urgent Evacuation, AXA offers protection for evacuation costs that are not related to medical treatment in the case of a predetermined violent and destructive natural catastrophe.

Evacuation for Reasons of Safety or Politics

AXA offers coverage for repatriation to your home country in the event that an emergency political or security scenario develops while you are on your covered vacation.

Expenses Relating to Accidents and Illnesses

AXA offers protection against unanticipated costs associated with dental and medical care, should you require it while traveling.  Applies if you contact COVID-19 when you are a member of one of our covered groups.

Unnatural Causes of Death and Dismemberment

AXA pays for the loss of life or limb resulting from an accident that occurred during your vacation and occurred within 365 days of the accident.

Common Carrier Accidental Death & Dismemberment

AXA provides compensation in the event that you suffer a loss of life or limb when riding as a passenger on a common carrier but it is only applicable to air travel.

Protect your trip and enjoy peace of mind


Probably this is the most common item that people can take advantage of. AXA offers protection against the loss, theft, or damage of your personal items and baggage in the event that it occurs.  They pay for the delivery as well.

Holdup with a Baggage

AXA provides payment for purchases of essential and reasonable products made in the event that your baggage is delayed by a common carrier.

Cancellation Due to Work Obligation

AXA provides coverage for your pre-paid, non-refundable trip fees in the event that your trip must be canceled due to a cause that is covered by your employer.

Cancellation for Any and All Reasons

Under this plan, AXA pays you for 75% of the non-refundable part of any pre-paid expenses in the event that your trip must be canceled for any reason.

Accident Involving a Rental Car

Another common item that people can take advantage of the insurance. AXA offers supplemental coverage in the event that a rental vehicle sustains physical damage as a result of one of the causes covered by the policy.

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24/7 Worldwide Travel Assistance Services

This is the primary motivation for purchasing travel insurance. There will always be someone to aid you in an emergency, whether it’s a travel cancellation, a medical emergency, or anything else.

AXA Alarm Center is available around the clock, so you can receive a variety of services, such as referrals to medical professionals, critical care monitoring, emergency monetary assistance, referrals to legal professionals, general travel advice, and, if necessary, coordination of emergency evacuation.

Services of a Concierge

AXA provides concierge services that are geared at satisfying needs related to leisure and entertainment. They provide a ‘white-glove’ service to assist with making reservations at restaurants and for travel, as well as event ticketing, flower services, and ground transportation, among other things.

Services for Combating Identity Theft

During your trip, if you suddenly realize that you have lost your identification, credit or debit cards, or other vital personal or financial papers, AXA will offer you with an identity resolution pamphlet as well as personal counseling through the process of resolving the issue. 

AXA provides three different packages. Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the three coverage levels they provide, going from lowest to highest. These are only high-level descriptions. You are free to get in touch with the representative at any time and ask for further details. Find more info here.

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